• Capt. John’s Spoonbrella Rigs are light weight and have very little drag.
  • Endline sinkers are attached directly to the rig, eliminating the need for  leaders.
  • When making tight turns Spoonbrella Rigs run true and won’t travel out of their lanes.
  • When trolling edges, if the spoonbrella rig hits bottom, it lays flat, reducing fouling.
  • THEY WORK!  Read our reviews!. 


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Meet the Captain

Captain John was born and raised near the Chesapeake Bay. As a second generation waterman, he has a great appreciation for the Bay and all that it has to offer. 

Over 45 years of fishing and boating experience, including four years of service in the United States Coast Guard, Captain John knows his way around the Chesapeake. 

our reviews


Harold H - These are the best rigs I have ever used I’ve never caught so many fish.

Jim H - I was fishing on a charter boat with some friends last week, and I brought one of your rigs with me. Fishing was slow and I asked the Capt. If he would mind if I put your Spoonbrella Rig on one line he said go ahead it can’t hurt, well that line caught 5 fish in a row. The Capt. Wanted to know if I had any more.

John R - Five stars, Great Product! Please don’t stop making them.

Tim S - I love taking my family with me when I go fishing, but the kids and my wife have a difficult handling the rods when we’re trolling. Your Spoonbrella Rigs are so easy to put out, and reel in now everyone can enjoy catching fish and being on the boat.

Robert G - These rigs are the best I have ever used. Everything they say about them is true. It’s great to find a product that actually works as advertised. 


Captain John Whitman


​Patent Pending

Patent Pending is one of the newest and most comfortable charter boats on the  Bay. Built in 2010 by master boat builder, Jay Allen, the 46 ft. Allen-Markley is Coast Guard inspected for six passengers and has all of the newest navigational safety equipment.

How are cAPT jOHN's 

rigs different from other umbrella rigs?